Sunday, May 10, 2009

Successful Bike Move, thanks to many!!!

We've spent the last two weeks simultaneously remodeling the house we just bought and moving a bit everyday and capping it all off with a large group move yesterday.

I owe thanks to many people all along the way and on the day of the official bike move. One that stands out is my good friend Randy Burgess, who took several days of his two week break from classes to load up our respective rigs and tote thousands of pounds of stuff between places, the most memorable load being a washer AND dryer both on one Yuba (these are intense bikes). He was also a tremendous help on move day on many levels.

Its a little surreal and at the same time perfectly natural to be on the trailing end of doing this process by bike. Its strange to watch a video like the one below (courtesy of my friend Del) of our very own bike move, yet at the same it feels so perfectly natural to have done this process exactly how we do everything else, as well as very rewarding.

It was a bit odd to have the local paper for our town of 80k people, show up, interview us and many others, photograph the whole shebang and post it as a front page story on the Sunday paper. We're flattered but at the same time, wish it was a bit less newsworthy...

Anyway, it was a blast and would definitely do it all over again.

Thanks Del for putting the video together down below.

The Stout Family Bike Move from Happy Thursday on Vimeo.


MN_homesteader said...

Sweet! Coming from Longmont I have to ask how was the reaction from the drivers? In MPLS, we have ! 5 of these a year, but Longmont is a different story altogether.

The Stouts said...

Drivers were very considerate overall. We doubled up approaching lights so that we were able to stay together through the lights, which worked out quite well.

WheelDancer said...

Sweet! I agree that it would be nice if this wasn't such a news worthy event but things are news worthy until they are commonplace the public awareness of seeing someone do this sort of a move might inspire someone to bike to the grocery store since that will seem much less daunting after watching your move. It's all about baby steps as a culture changes but a few folks make the big leaps that get the ball rolling.

Thanks for the big leap!

jennifer said...

Wow! Fantastic, and definitely newsworthy I think. I wouldn't have wanted to be the person hauling the leather sofa, especially if there were any downhills with stopsigns at the bottom. Looks like your moving route was mostly flat. That would have been a tougher project if you were trying to move someone from Lefthand Canyon down into town - yikes!

Yokota Fritz said...

I love that part in the Times Call about you guys moving the washer and dryer :-)

Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure Buddy!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations ! We did the same in Lyon (France) in may 2007, with less stuffs, but it was great too.

you can see the pictures here :

I put your link at the end of the article.

We are not alone. Maybe you know this society in Canada :

Have fun with bike !


Anonymous said...
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