Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bike Move!!!!

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Well its looking like we're actually going to close on that house, only 2 months later than we initially planned. I guess the news was accurate in stating that the pendulum had gone the other way and that banks are slow and SUPER cautious about lending money...

Anyway, on to the point, at this point we're leaning strongly towards a bike move. I know we've got some Longmont and Boulder readership, so if any of you local folk would be interested in doing a bike move across town with us (around 5 miles) on a weekend about 3 weeks out, please either comment here or email us.

If you don't have a bike that can carry stuff, we do have at least a couple friends with either trailers or cargo bikes that are at our disposal for this move.

Of course yummy food will be provided, likely some kind of breakfast treats, and pizza round lunchtime.

The good news is that most of the route we'll be taking is a very very gradual downhill, AND about 1/2 to 2/3rds of the route will be along path (st.vrain greenway).



Charlotte said...

I am cheering for your bike move from far away. Congratulations on the new place!!!

Seda said...

Good luck! We'll be cheering youi on from far away.

Anonymous said...

i'm down to help unless it's may 9-14. i have a burley solo that i can open up. and am in longmont.

by the way: i rode by y'all the other day as you were on the diag headed north crossing valmont i think.

i took my son down to boulder on thursday, what a glorious, warm day and wonderful ride.


del said...

For those that would like to see the move, here is the video:

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