Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Blog, Old Path

I suppose I am writing this blog because I have found that in my efforts over the past few years to become less dependant on foreign oil and to be more responsible in living on this world, I have discovered that change takes time. Change, no matter how determined I am, takes creativity and new habits, and that just doesn't all come at once. And I think it might be useful to have the imput from others along this same path.

My most recent challenge is using my car less. I've found this to be a challenge. Physically it's a challenge. I am pregnant and usually toting a toddler in a cart behind me. And it is a challenge logistically. There aren't always good ways to get around town. There are many places that have no bike lanes. I have to find new ways to get to the grocery store, post office, parks, to get Samuel to play dates. Also, I have a limited amount of time to do my errands in. If I do them too close to Samuel's nap time, I risk him falling asleep for a few minutes and then not taking a nap. (Which both he and I need him to do! ;)

So far, I've cut my driving by about 60-70%. And my gas costs too. It's a nice little incentive! :)