Friday, November 30, 2007

Many changes...

Well, I suppose a newborn and toddler around the house isn't the most conducive to blogging.

So yes we do indeed have a new addition to the family, Anders Christopher Stout. He was born on Oct 15th, weighing in a 8lbs. 3oz. although he's already well past that weight.

Also, we finally pulled the trigger and have moved officially into car free-dom. We sold our partially functioing car a couple weeks ago and so far so good. Not that it really changes much as the car mostly sat except for a couple trips to the hospital right around the birth.

We've found that Lands End is really our friend when it comes to gearing up young children, having just bought some great winter apparel for our toddler, so he's nice and toasty on our rides. We've done some rides after dark in the mid-low twenties and he's been quite toasty inside the Chariot trailer, which by the way we LOVE our Chariot Cougar 2, and often comment that this trailer was one of the best purchases we've ever made.

With the day's being so short and the whole family now traveling by bike, we've been upgrading our lighting overall as most of our family rides are now in the dark. LED lighting is finally "there" in my opinion. Having used several high end halogen systems over the years, I can really appreciate the qualities of the Dinotte lights we've purchased, weighing right around a pound, yet putting out almost as much light as a 20W halogen and running on high mode for 8 hours.