Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kid seat details

Pics of the details.

Here's a seat with padding, straps and sunshade installed. The sunshade is slid up a touch in its sleeve so you can see the upper portion of the adjustable shoulder straps. All straps mount to the seat have tee-nuts from the back side for a very secure flush mount.

Here's a closeup of the sleeves for the sunshade stays, and the adjustable shoulder strap setup.

This is the seat with pads out so you can see how all straps are fastened.


Mike said...

Where did you get the charriot carriers straps? I can't find them seperate.

Also where did you get the sun shade? I am going to make a kid seat like yours... Also I noticed you said you were copying someone else's setup, can you provide me with some details (links. email, websites...)

The Stouts said...

A guy named Mark Kohr had made a snapdeck kidseat setup out of marine plywood with some straps and pads.

There isn't really any info posted on his setup other than a couple photos here and there on the web.

So past the basic premise we were starting with a clean slate. The sunshades are off a Deuter kid comfort II pack and can be purchased seperately.

As for the straps, we have a chariot trailer, and so used the same brand of buckles on this seat setup as the chariot uses so we could just swap the straps back and forth, although I'm pretty sure that if you contacted chariot carriers they'd be able to tell you how to get your hands on them.

We're hoping to post some detailed plans for the seats sometime in the next month since many have asked, and this blog is all about knowledge share and figuring this whole thing out communally.