Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A New Family Adventure

A hay cradle for storing the hay we cut with a sythe!

Straw bales going up for the new well house.

Cochin bantam rooster protecting his ladies.

Anthony is setting the down rod for the new well.

Naomi is inspecting the black turtle beans for weeds.

The kids gathered a bouquet for Shabbat dinner.

Miriam and I in our first year on the homestead.

The last five years feel much like a renaissance.  There really isn't much that hasn't changed in that time.  We moved to the country and began what felt to me like a grand experiment.  A quest began to find what matters in life, what brings meaning and significance and what is superfluous noise?  

We didn't just move to the country.  We moved onto an empty field, much like the homesteaders.  There was no trace of human influence.  It was a blank slate.  There was no electricity, no water, just grass that was literally taller than the pick-up truck that brought us here.  Wading through the sea of grass, searching for truth I discovered a lot about life, about growing up and about meaning.  All of which will not fit on one small page.  I wish I'd been able to write about our adventures as we experienced them.  Living off the land doesn't permit much free time and it will have to be with the lens of completion through which I gaze upon the past.  I hope to record that journey here.  

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