Monday, June 11, 2007

Tires to go the distance...

This may seem a mundane post to many, but bicycle tires are whats on my mind these days. Between riding to and from work, general errands rides and riding with my family, I'm generally doing around 160 miles a week, and at present I'm getting a flat tire seemingly every couple days.

This is by far a record for me considering my latest tires (Michelin Krylion Carbon's) are supposed to be a durable puncture resistant road tire. I must say, neither is really the case. I've put about 1,400 miles on them now and they are showing significant wear, and I've already commented on the puncture resistance :P

Good news is that I've found out that Schwalbe, an awesome tire manufacturer out of Germany who specializes in real world tires now makes a tire called the Marathon Plus in a 700 x 25c which should fit on the Steelman Stage Race I ride. I'll probably have to modify the fenders where they clear the fork and brakes, but considering these tires are called "flatproof" by some and built to last 4,500-7,200 miles its well worth making them fit :)

Schwalbe Marathon Plus on Schwalbe's site

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Red said...

A year later, how have these tires held up (I'm in a similar spot...)